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You can buy from as many China Factories as you like! We guarantee a safe and perfect delivery.
Welcome to .China-Wholesale-Direct.CN!

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Services for Corporate, Commercial, Personal and Retail Buyers and Sellers

 Currently this service is available to Greek, Cyprus and Balkan Region Buyers and Sellers only

Tel: (0030)-22410-29290 -FAX: (0030)-22410-36349 - E-Mail:

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First SEE PRODUCTS - Get our Catalogues in a DVD with 500,000 items from Top China Factories!

Insert the DVD in your PC and open all Categories in to thumbnails!

1. Turn all Categories in to Thumbnails > 2. Open file of your choice >3. See the Catalogue

With Prices, Image, Specifications and all that is relevant to item displayed!

All Files are in .doc, PDF; Excel format - Catalogues in USD and Euro Prices - 80% English text- 15% Greek text


Have you found the Products you are looking for?

Tell us from whom and how much and we will do the rest!


Available Services for Corporate, Commercial, Personal and Retail Buyers and Sellers

Currently, Customs clearance and Door Delivery is available to Greek, Cyprus and Balkan Region Buyers and Sellers only

International Buyers - Sellers - Contact us

Buy products from China - BUYER SERVICE
Sell products to China - SELLER SERVICE


Currently this service is available to Greek, Cyprus and Balkan Region Buyers and Sellers only

International Buyers - Sellers - Contact us


Buying at a low price from a factory in China?

When you add Shipping, Customs Charges, Docking Fees, Inland Transport and VAT how much will it be?


Our Services guarantee safe importation because we

Confirm Certification, Buy Products, Give Shipping Costs, Calculate Custom Clearance

and Expenses cost, give inland transport costs add Vat and arrive at a Full Importation Cost...


To use all our Services

you will need the special BUYER NUMBER we issue to you

How to get your BUYER NUMBER

Complete the Contact us page with your personal / Company details and click send;

Once we receive your request we will send your BUYER NUMBER

With the BUYER NUMBER you can immediately start using all our services!


Try our Services

With you Buyer Number issued and Communicate to China Office, you can immediately use our address bellow;

What ever we receive, from a single Catalogue to a Container load we guarantee

to send to address, Port or Airport you tell us!


Send to our address in China

SISAMOTOS OE New Tech Corporation


Suite 502A - 18796, Block A,

Shekou Technology Building 2,

Nanshan District,

Shenzhen, 518067



Give our Address for delivery of goods you purchased from websites, Factories, Traders and Shops and

we will take Delivery, Inspect, and if as ordered we will pay Cash on Delivery, Package the goods and

Deliver to the address Port or Airport you tell us!

China Product Delivery - China Warehousing – China Loading – Delivery to Buyer

All Images from our Records


Factories, Transport, Warehousing, Factory and Loading supervision, Insurance, Shipping to Destination, Documentation,

Receipt of goods, Custom Clearance and Delivery to Buyer is totally covered! Our Import & Export services are simplified,

transparent, easy to follow and verify, while money handling is done via International Banks and Organizations;        

Along with us, buyers can truck all activities easily and reliably!


Importing, Buying, or Looking for products from China?

Could not find what you are lookin for? > Send us a Product find request…

Contact us and we will make sure all is as your Ordered!

Example of Products in Catalogues DVD 

Go to Products Page and Choose Category.

Talk to me

Emmanuel Mannie Sisamotos - CEO

We promise transparency and verifiability! You see me above, Phone our Office.

Tel: 0030 22410-29290 – Fax: 0030 22410-36349, 1st Floor, 114 Afstralias, Rhodes Town,


Office Hours: 9 to 5 - Athens Time - Monday to Friday


Ask your Bank to verify our Business standing and professionalism. 

PIRAEUS BANK SA, Ierou Lochou & Amerikis Street, GR 85100, Rhodes, Greece

Branch Code: 2700 - Swift Address: PIRBGRAA

Euro Account: IBAN: GR0801727000005700032048455 - USD Account: IBAN: GR9501727000005700041069732

Beneficiary Company Name: Sisamotos OE - IBAN Verification - Click to verify our Bank Accounts

Emmanuel (Manos) Sisamotos OND HND Bs. Lecturer in Corporate Strategies Management & British Direct Marketing Association Award Winner

Members: Greek Export Organization (HEPO), Dodecanese Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Commerce - DQS CE Center

Sisamotos OE New Tech Corporation - 1wt Floor, 114 Afstralias, Rhodes Town, 85100 Rhodes, Dodecanese, Greece ΤΗΛ: 0030-22410-36349, FAX: 36359

E-Mail: ,  Υπό Κατασκευή:
The Greek pages accommodate our local Market. The English version accommodates our Exports. The text has been adjusted accordingly.

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