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 It’s an INVESTMENT, not just Buying and Selling operations...

China Wholesale Direct
is part of Sisamotos OE New Tech Corporation, located in Rhodes Island, Greece and Foshan City, China.

We Import, Export and Distribute Goods Internationally. We sell goods from our Catalogues and get paid by the factories, or

buy goods from factories indicated by our buyers at a percentage charge on value of goods; We Import and deliver to buyers Door.

We have Warehouse Facilities in China, and in Greece, Cyprus and The Balkan Region Custom Clearance Services;

for any other world ports, we can do Custom Clearance at buyer’s request.  


A few things on how we operate...

Our Company philosophy is based on our total belief that must fully satisfy the expectations of

Buyer and Seller, and towards this end we have set up a unique operation which combines trading as well as logistics!


Buying is done by visiting our half a million square feet warehouse, with more than 500 Factories and over 25000 products!

You can do it by looking at thousands of Products while sitting in front of your PC! Our products showroom is all in one

5 GB DVD with more Products than you could possibly imagine! It’s not what we have, but what our Office in China can find!


We know each factory and can deliver the products you may select! It is not a by selecting names

form ! We carefully select suppliers and Collaborators that we visit at their factories, and take full responsibility

for our products! Yes, we are Buyers and Sellers!



Our warehouse is located in Shenzhen; Its primary purpose is to receive goods from many factories,

warehouse for a short period, and then load Mix containers for delivery to our buyers! A unique way to buy many small

to medium quantity Products for maximum optimization of your Buying budget! Naturally, whenever products are bought

from one source, container departs direct from the factory to buyer’s destination port


We export from China the minimum of one by 20ft Container or Mix Products Container with different products,

even of unrelated trade activity; for example, 10pieces of Shower Cabins, 20pieces of 32 inch LCD TVs, 5 Boxes of Plexiglas

and 50pieces of Luggage!

International Operations...

It’s not obligatory that you buy Products from our Catalogues; If you already know the factories, tell us and we will apply

the same methodology for delivering the products to your door!


Our People in China and Greece will coordinate every single activity. We are present in every stage of operations;

As soon as the is establish, we will agree price, buying terms and delivery dates,

establish shipping costs, obtain relevant certification, pay deposits for commencement of production, supervise and inspect

goods, pay balances due before shipment and be present on container loading!


Original Bill Of Lading, Packing List, Invoices, Insurance Certificates, Certificates of Origin, CE Certificates, and any other

Certificates required by the Authorities at destination port, including Container Number, Shipper Vessel name and estimated date

of arrival are in hand before container arrival! Our Customs Clearance Offices examine the prior to arrival,

and if need be, request additional Certification and as per Customs Officers demand


Custom Clearance...

In Greece, Cyprus and The Balkans, Custom Clearance is included in our services.

For any other world ports, Custom Clearance can be done at buyer’s request. 


Use our Contacts Us page and tell us your requirements,

or even better, if you so wish, call me at HQ during Office Hours

Tell: 0030-22410-36349 and ask for Mannie.


Emmanuel (Mannie) Sisamotos, Mr. OND HND Bs



New Tech Corporation Sisamotos OE registered names:

 www.new-tech-corporation-sa.co & www.china-wholesale-direct.com

HQ: Sisamotos OE New Tech Corporation – 1st Floor, 114 Afstralias, Rhodes Town, Rhodes 85100, Dodecanese, Greece

Tel: 0030-22410-29290, Fax: 0030-22410-36349 – E-Mail: ems1349@otenet.gr 

Registered Member: Dodecanese Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Commerce, Greek Export Organization (HEPO)


C - Sisamotos OE New Tech Corporation - China Wholesale Direct - Last update: Feb, 15 2013

CO- Emmanuel (Mannie) Sisamotos OND HND Bs - Licensed by the Ministry of Education as a Lecturer in Corporate Strategies Management

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