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 BUYERS of Chinese products can buy safely and reliably; we respond internationally!


You can ask us, like many of our successful BUYERS bellow, for the products you need. As you know, finding the item you require it’s only the beginning! What safeguards your buying operation it’s all the rest that need to be done! From setting Price and terms of payment to inspecting, sealing, signing and loading every single box! We are physically present, working closely with Honorable Chinese factories and colleagues, sharing the belief that it is not just a buying and selling operation but an investment that MUST be risk free for BUYER and seller alike!!


BUYERS at China Wholesale Direct are risk free buyers – joint them! They buy from a Container load of Screws to a single 4 wheel Bike!


See bellow some BUYERS and the products they receive from China...


BUYER 226320-ALEXANDER-GAITANAKIS / Cooling Showcase / Specific Project


Objective: Distribution of Sandwiches and Snack to strategically located Cooling Showcases√

BUYER O43811-ALBANIDIS / Manufacturer / Upholstery Fabrics


Objective: Manufacture of 16 Different patterns of Upholstery Fabric √

BUYER 769778-ATHANASOPOULOS / Construction / Doors / Aluminum / Specific Projects


Objective: Manufacture of Wooden Doors, Aluminum and PVC Windows and Doors√

BUYER 253445-DIMOPOULOS / Exhibition set up / Mix Container / House Goods Trading


Objective: Create Show Room - Home Furnishings, Electrical and Heating Equipment – 30 Factories-250 Product Codes

BUYER 307803-FRAGESKAKIS / Glass and Stainless Steel Construction / Specific Projects

BUYER 233443-GASTERATOS / Promotions / T-Shirts

BUYER 359975-GEMELOS / Pool Machinery & Lighting / Specific Projects

BUYER 810251-KISANDRAKI / Trading Wholesaler / Mix Container 

BUYER 517851-KAPPOS / Glass and Sanitary Ware / Specific Products 

BUYER 517216-LEPIDIS / Hotel Products / Specific Projects

BUYER 639084-LINGOS / Celllose Plastic Sheets / Specific Projects 

BUYER 258758 MALAMAS-ZAGORIANOS / DVD Store Chain / Rental Promotion Projects 

BUYER 122717-MAGIAFAS / LED Lighting and Accessories / Specific Projects

BUYER 756492-MENTIZIS / Bags and cases / Non woven – Cotton – Jute / Specific Projects

BUYER 389666-NOTIS / Trader / School Bags – Travel Bags /

BUYER 059744-OUGRINIS / PC Stores / All in One Pc and Computer Peripherals

BUYER 454356-RELLOS / Furniture Range / Furniture Stores

...see more at New tech! 

...the above is only a minute sample!

(Buyers are given Import / Export numbers for supervision and operational progress tracking)

We will source out, Inspect, mutually agree terms, pay, load and Deliver!


Successful BUYERS appoint us to handle their needs from China - WE take the responsibility as a logistics and buying

company; handle everything to a T, and deliver to their door! A unique operation at your service!


Ask for the Products you need - contact Mrs. Li Yan LING or Mannie!

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